Please Deliver To is the collaborative effort of Laura and Jinnee, two geeky and creative gals from the frigid Prairies in Canada. We love all things paper and all things geeky, and we're trying to encourage geeks around the world to pick up a pen and write a good old-fashioned letter/postcard with our geek stationery (AKA Geekery!)! Reach out and connect with someone today! 

Laura is an obsessive stationery addict, postcard-swapping and penpal writing fool, TV watching zombie, music loving gal, wannabe gunslinger, devourer of books, and a tea maven. But more importantly, she is a geek, first and foremost. And despite what this blurb suggests, she only likes speaking about herself in the third person every second Friday. She also eats puns and geek culture references for breakfast.

Jinnee is a crafty girl with aspirations to try and DIY everything--why, you ask? Because she can! She has pretty much every tool of the trade in crafting. When she is not sipping her giant cup of green tea and watching wrong comedies for all the right reasons, she is creating cards or taking pictures of pretty things.